Caffe bar & Patisserie

- my grandma's recipes -

Welcome to Nonica!

We are located in a tiny picturesque street in the very centre of the City of Hvar, in a neighbourhood called Burak. Our shop is nested on the ground floor of an old house from the Gothic period, built in the 15th century. The house is a protected cultural heritage monument, located next to the chapel of Our Lady of Annunciation.


It is no accident that the name „Nonica” (local vernacular for Grandma) evokes nostalgia in us, since the air of tradition and history of this island is present everywhere, including in our pastries with their intoxicating and ardent smells, nourished by the centuries of heritage blended into them.


Sweet flavors of Dalmatia


Our pastry shop's generous offer includes a wide variety of traditional and nearly forgotten delicacies, prepared according to the original recipes of our grandmas, as well as jams made from pesticide-free fruit grown locally under the hot Mediterranean sun of the island of Hvar.

We offer you much more than just traditional treats: crispy chocolate cookies, colourful muffins, tasty chocolate and light fruity mousses, a perfect refreshment for a hot summer day.

We use only the best ingredients of the highest quality for our sweet treats. We strive to offer only the best to each and every customer.

A visit to our "Nonica" truly is a genuine adventure in the world of gastronomy, for your taste buds and for your eyes.