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Nonica - kamena kuća

The stone house which is Nonica's home is historically very important for the island of Hvar, Dalmatia and Venice, and it played a part in the Hvar rebellion which took place at the start of the 16th century. It was owned by Matija Lukanić, a priest who served as the canon of the Hvar cathedral and chaplain of the Our Lady of Annunciation church. He participated in the coordination of the revolt of peasants against the noblemen of Hvar which took place in Hvar from 1510 to 1514.

The Hvar rebellion was a revolt of peasants led by Matija Ivanić against noblemen, aimed at securing a share in the government of the Hvar commune. The rebellion spread throughout the island, and the revolt evolved into a civil war lasting for four years (1510 – 1514). It is a lesser known fact that the rebellion was preceded by a miracle which almost made the peasants give up on their idea, and in memory of this event a centuries-old tradition is still practised today: the "Za križen" (local vernacular for "Following the Cross") night procession, organised every Maundy Thursday on the island of Hvar.


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